If you work on the Technical Side of the Radio Broadcast Industry, this is your gateway to the hardware of your profession. There are articles on FM transmitters, RDS and stereo encoders, SNMP managements systems, lumped filters, microwave filters, microwave couplers, combiners, Langley Rice propagation analysis.

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Where do you want to go?

General Broadcasting. Stereo Encoder, RDS Encoder etc...

Just Broadcasting

Passive filters. Butterworth, Chebychev 1 and 2, Bessel, Legendre, Bessel, Elliptic

Passive Filters Tools

Wilkinson (dual, 3 way, multistep, with filter), Hybrid, Power Capacitors, Power Inductors

Power Combiner Tools

Microstrip(normal, suspended, inverted, with substrate, edge couplers), stripline (normal, mixed, slabline, power line, edge coupler, broadside), stepped line transformer

Microwave Tools

Microwave filter, Interdigital, Parallel Coupled, Cascade microstrip couplers (Symettrical, Asymettrical, Custom)

Microwave Filter/Coupler

Power Pads (Phi, Delta), Propagation (Path loss, Friis, Egli, Langsley Rice), Waveguides, Meteorology, SNMP engines

Misc. Tools

Fast Links

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A new section on Propagation analysis has been added to the MISC web site (click the Misc site button above, Misc tools, Propagation). There you will find propagation various calculators based upon the Friis and Eglis models. Good for those point to point links. There are point to point links using Langley-Rice, Eglis, Friss models, great circle routing. There have been tweeks to the parallel coupled filter designer and the multistep Wilkinson analyser. Help is needed on choosing the next filter designs to be converted to Web format. I have old C / Fortran programs for capacitive gap, ring resonator, waveguide iris, some specialised combline designs. Opinions?