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If you work on the Technical Side of the Radio Broadcast Industry, this is your gateway to the hardware of your profession. There are articles on FM transmitters, Propagation analysis using Longley Rice calculations. Passive filters, microwave filters. Power combiners, Wilkinson, Hybrid. couplers, microstrip, stripline, edge, broadside, slabline, coax. Interdigital filters, capacitive gap, edge coupled. Its all here.

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The Longley Rice equation propagation site for the analysis of transmission links (STL) now covers All of the Americas (North, Central, South), Western Europe, Australia, democratic Asia, Africa and more. So now, no excuse for doing that STL, just that those mountains and islands keep getting in the way. The server swap has taken a time but now seems complete. A kind new sponsor supplied me with a new server, more cores, more space, more clock rate, so things a looking up. The propagation site has been expanded. The broadcast analysis is faster, so may be I will increase the radius. Advantage has been taken of the increased space for the propagation site to consolidate other propagation models on the same site. Read Egli, Friis, sensitivity, these calculators were on another site. After being off-line for a time the Fresnel Zone calculator has been re-vamped and integrated into the propagation site. The fresnel zone calculator can be used individually, just give the distance or co-ordinates. Alternatively, once a LR link has been designed, then the fresnel zone calculator can be invoked without having to re-enter the vital statistics. Branch line couplers are now on the combiner site for 3db Hybrids along with microstrip format, something Microwaves*** will not do for you. Capacitive gap microstrip filters have been added to the Microwave filter site, so way Ho for that narrow band filter you needed and with microstrip substrates. Pity the substrate sponsor is not forthcoming with the latest substrate information, it is beginning to lack some new substrate formats.